Brake Inspections and Repairs

Don’t go long without an inspection from our trained experts; we work with all kinds of brakes and will help keep you safe

Everyone knows how important brake inspections are for maintaining safety, but there’s a big difference between the brakes of personal vehicles and those of commercial vehicles. Any mechanic can inspect and service simple hydraulic brakes, but you need certified experts if you want to ensure your complex, commercial-grade braking systems are operating safely and efficiently.

OTR Fleet Services employs only certified, experienced mechanics who know heavy-duty vehicle brakes inside and out. We’ll meticulously inspect your fleet’s brake systems and perform any needed maintenance or repairs required. We’ll make sure your vehicles drive safely, brake smoothly, and pass any required inspections. Don’t risk collisions or regulation infractions, contact OTR today for all your brake needs.

OTR mechanics have experience performing all manner of brake inspections and services, including
  • Brake pad and shoe replacement
  • Caliper and wheel cylinder inspections
  • ABS diagnoses and repairs
  • Brake line inspections
  • Wheel bearing repacks
  • Seal inspections and replacements
  • Hydraulic system inspections and fluid replacements
  • And many more

Suspension and Alignment Services

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24-Hour Emergency Services

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