Suspension and Alignment Services

We repair or replace suspensions of all kinds, and ensure you have a smooth, safe ride wherever you go

Your suspension system is key to having a smooth ride, but that’s not all it does. A worn-out suspension is not only uncomfortable to drive on, but the excess vibration and friction it causes can accelerate the wear and tear on many other parts of your vehicle. For a comfortable, safe ride that doesn’t increase your operating costs, get the experts at OTR to service your suspensions.

Our mechanics have experience working on all kinds of suspensions, shocks, and struts. Regardless of the kinds of vehicles in your fleet, we can maintain, repair, and replace their suspension systems, keeping you comfortable and in control during your drives. We can also perform precise wheel alignments on all your axles, further increasing your safety and reducing your maintenance costs.

Our veteran suspension and alignment team has extensive knowledge and experience with
  • Suspension rebuilding
  • Leaf springs and u-bolts
  • Spring pins, bushings and shackles
  • Track bars, airbags, and shocks
  • Two-, three-, and steering axle alignments
  • And much more

24-Hour Emergency Services

Our emergency services will get you moving again, day or night

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Fleet Vehicle Services

OTR will keep your fleet of vehicles in top condition, saving you time and money

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Preventative Maintenance

Lower your operational costs and extend the life span of your vehicles

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