Tire and Wheel Services

Repairs, replacements, rotations, inspections — we do it all no matter how many wheels your vehicles have

Few parts of your vehicle influence how (and how far) it drives more than your wheels. They also receive some of the most wear and tear, leading to worn tires, wheels out of alignment, and a whole host of other problems. This means big trouble for commercial and industrial vehicles especially, as they rely on well-maintained wheels and tires to perform efficiently and safely.

If your vehicles are experiencing (or will soon experience) tire or wheel problems, don’t hesitate to call OTR Fleet Services. Our experienced mechanics can perform a full suite of tire and wheel services to ensure your vehicles operate with better fuel economy, lower maintenance costs, and higher safety. We’ll conduct inspections, provide detailed reports, affordably source replacement parts, and perform needed repairs and maintenance quickly and professionally.

OTR’s trained, experienced, and certified mechanics can perform any wheel or tire service you require, including
  • Tire and wheel inspections
  • Tire realignments
  • Tire replacements and repairs
  • Wheel and axle maintenance and repairs
  • And many more

Refrigeration Services

We have extensive experience with the repair and maintenance of mobile refrigeration units

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DOT and FHWA Inspections

Ensure that your vehicles are compliant with all state and federal regulations

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Brake Inspections and Repairs

Don’t go long without an inspection from our trained experts; we work with all kinds of brakes and will help keep you safe

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