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Pitts Trailers has built a reputable name in the heavy-duty trailer industry. At OTR Fleet Service, we proudly offer a comprehensive range of repair and maintenance services for Pitts Trailers-brand trailers. Our expertise encompasses the unique features that distinguish this brand, ensuring that your trailers receive the utmost care and attention they deserve.

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Benefits of Owning Pitts Trailers

Pitts Trailers has been a market leader for over 40 years, specializing in logging trailers. The brand is celebrated for its innovation, durability, and adaptability. One key aspect that sets Pitts Trailers apart is their robust steel frame construction, ensuring that these trailers can withstand even the harshest conditions. Furthermore, the brand’s utilization of advanced engineering techniques allows for an exceptional weight-to-performance ratio, essential for those hauling heavy loads.

Additionally, Pitts Trailers offers an impressive variety, including lowboys, hydraulic detachable extendable trailers, and drop deck trailers, catering to diverse needs. These trailers have advanced safety features and are customizable to suit specific business requirements. Their modular design ensures that parts can be replaced or upgraded easily, extending the lifespan of the trailer.

Common Signs of Issues with Pitts Trailers

Despite the renowned durability of Pitts Trailers, wear and tear are inevitable. Early detection is crucial to prevent further damage and maintain optimal performance.

  • Undercarriage Problems: Due to the rugged nature of their use, the undercarriage may suffer from damage or misalignment. Regularly inspect the axle alignment, suspension, and tires.
  • Hydraulic System Issues: For trailers equipped with hydraulic detachable goosenecks, it’s essential to check the hydraulic systems for leaks or inadequate pressure, as these are common issues.
  • Braking System Failures: Brake systems should be monitored for air leaks, worn linings, and damaged slack adjusters and chambers.
  • Electrical Issues: Check for worn cables, loose connections, and non-functional lights. Electrical problems can affect the safety features embedded in these trailers.
  • Frame and Structural Damage: Regularly inspect the steel frame for cracks, rust, or any signs of fatigue.

Pitts Repairs and Services Offered at OTR Fleet Service

At OTR Fleet Service, we specialize in keeping your Pitts Trailers-brand trailers in peak condition. Our skilled technicians are trained to handle the brand's unique features, ensuring that your trailers receive the best care. Here is a selection of services we offer:

  • Preventative Maintenance: We offer comprehensive maintenance plans to keep your trailers running smoothly. This includes checking tire pressure, axle alignment, hydraulic systems, electrical connections, and more.
  • Hydraulic System Repairs: Our experts can diagnose and repair issues with hydraulic systems, ensuring that your detachable goosenecks function seamlessly.
  • Brake System Repairs: We service and repair braking systems, including replacing worn linings, fixing air leaks, and repairing slack adjusters and chambers.
  • Welding and Fabrication Services: Our skilled fabricators can repair or replace steel frame components, ensuring structural integrity.
  • Custom Modification: Our team can customize your Pitts Trailers to meet specific requirements, enhancing their functionality and efficiency.
  • DOT Inspections: We provide Department of Transportation inspections to ensure your trailers comply with federal regulations.

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By choosing OTR Fleet Service, you are not just selecting a service provider; you are opting for a partner that understands the intricacies and demands of the hauling industry. We have customer service representatives available to discuss your specific needs and help you select the most appropriate service plan.

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"Highly recommend OTR Dallas for inspection and repair. Michele was awesome! She’s professional and helped us a lot. Great communication. Reasonable price for repairs. Thanks Michele for all the help."  //  Mike Alhoutari

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"OTR has been a great help to us in both the Dallas and Houston areas. The staff is always very helpful and informative. They provide great customer service, their mechanics, both mobile and in house, are very through and informative."

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"I have taken my trailer into this shop for years. Outstanding service. Everyone at the shop goes out of there way to get you back on the road as quick as possible. If you need work done on your truck or trailer, this is the place to go."

Eston Hammer

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"Amazing place!  
Super friendly and fast staff. Rudy Ray was an amazing mechanic! Not only did he get the job finished the same day, he kept me in the loop the entire time. Shout out to him and the great staff at  OTR!"

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"Andrea and the rest of the crew were all incredibly punctual and effective. The staff was very kind and listened to my concerns and even gave me a complimentary multi point inspection. The repair was successful as well. Will be using them moving forward."

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"Mike P came out in the rain and thunderstorm to help me get my piggy back back rolling! I really appreciate all his patience becasue he didnt have the key i did in the truck! He waited! I appreciate him and his patience! Thanks"

Caleb Thornburg

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"I just want to thank Mario for his extreme professionalism. He made sure that the shock was well replaced and explained the process to my dad well. We usually do not write reviews but my dad could not stop talking about how well the interaction was and how well the job got done. Thank you Mario for this great experience."

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"They were quick to respond to my needs when other companies were unable. I'd like to give a quick shout out to my man Edward from otr fleet services... that main drive belt 😳 was a pain but you stuck at it. Top notch work."

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"Working for a nationwide trucking company, having a company that we can rely on to keep our equipment running at it full potential is the number 1 reason we use OTR Fleet. The staff at Houston is fast, caring, and available."

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"I operate a large fleet of trailers and OTR does an awesome job of maintaining my fleet. Block is the mechanic that keeps everything running and operating. He is always ready willing to do what it takes to ensure we do not miss a beat in our fast paced business. Thank you OTR and especially Block! Appreciate all you do for us!"

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"Just got serviced by Jacob Scott, very efficient in his work, I was told the eta was 3-4hrs, he was here in an hr and he’s very friendly 🤙🏾"

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"I want to give Moses a big shout out!! He keeps my company’s fleet up to date and running!! Always going out of his way to make sure we are always taken care of! Thank you Moses for continuing to provide the up most excellent customer service and getting us out of some 911 maintenance!"

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"Awesome team ! Professional helpful and knowledgeable, guys were willing me to help me out with no hesitation. If you’re in San Antonio or the area and need assistance don’t even bother looking else where ! Special thanks to Larry Hector and Delton. Great guys and great service."