Truck EGR & DPF Repair Services in Texas

At OTR Fleet Service, we specialize in EGR and DPF repair services for fleets and heavy-duty, medium-duty, and light-duty trucks. We understand the significance of properly functioning EGR and DPF systems and are committed to providing top-notch repairs to keep your trucks compliant and running smoothly.

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The Significance of EGR & DPF Systems

EGR and DPF systems are crucial components designed to comply with emission standards and minimize the environmental impact of diesel engines. These systems consist of sensors and components that monitor and regulate their functions, ensuring optimal engine performance while reducing harmful emissions.

Common Signs of EGR and DPF Issues

Over time, EGR and DPF systems can encounter problems that affect their performance. It's important to be aware of the following signs that may indicate issues with these systems:

  • Reduced engine performance: If you notice a decrease in power or acceleration in your trucks, it could be a result of a clogged EGR or DPF system.
  • Increased fuel consumption: A malfunctioning EGR or DPF system can lead to higher fuel consumption. If you observe a sudden decrease in fuel efficiency, it may indicate a problem with these systems.
  • Warning lights: Modern trucks are equipped with onboard diagnostics that monitor component performance. If the EGR or DPF system encounters an issue, warning lights will illuminate on the dashboard.
  • Excessive smoke from the exhaust: When the DPF system fails to effectively filter out particulate matter, you may notice excessive smoke or soot coming from the exhaust.

EGR and DPF Repairs

At OTR Fleet Service, we possess advanced diagnostic tools and techniques to accurately identify the root cause of EGR and DPF issues. Our range of repair solutions includes:

  • Cleaning: We perform a thorough cleaning of the EGR and DPF systems to remove accumulated debris and soot, restoring their functionality.
  • Sensor replacement: If any EGR or DPF system sensors are faulty, we replace them with high-quality components to ensure accurate readings and proper system performance.
  • Software updates: Our skilled technicians are proficient in updating the software of EGR and DPF systems, resolving any software errors that may hinder their operation.
  • Complete system replacement: In severe cases where the EGR or DPF system is beyond repair, we provide complete system replacement using top-notch components to guarantee optimal performance.

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When it comes to EGR and DPF repairs, trust OTR Fleet Service for exceptional service. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or learn more about our services. We are dedicated to keeping your trucks compliant and operating at their best.

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